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brainysmurf is currently exploring social, networked learning, connectivism, digital identity, trust, introversion and new tools for collaboration and cooperation.

The time she has spent proudly in Canada and New Zealand include roles as a primary-junior teacher, learning consultant, instructional designer, public servant, nanny, tutor, soccer coach, writer and editor, dabbler in photography and a brief but memorable stint as a Subway Sandwich Artist.  She is also grateful to have travelled to Australia, Mexico, Italy, Germany, the Dominican Republic and the United States thus far.

brainysmurf’s love of animals extends to two four-legged friends: a 17 year-old red-eared slider who mysteriously lays eggs from time to time and a beautiful, intelligent shih-chon, both of whom teach her daily lessons about resilience, strength, patience and perseverance.

Additional resources and insights are available on brainysmurf’s Diigo library and on Twitter @brainysmurf1234.

Please note: the views expressed on this blog are entirely personal and in no way reflect the views of the author’s current or past employers.

  1. Gerry Suffield permalink

    Dear Brainy, I am amazed and impressed on the number of excellent blog posts you have given us over the past weeks of this MOOC. Thank you for some excellent reading.

  2. meandsocialsoftware permalink

    Hello Brainy,

    I’m a student from austria, and I’m currently working on my master thesis about social media and learning at higher education.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t found any contact of you, so I try this way. 🙂 I would like to ask you some questions if you just could contact me on my blog ( or per mail (

    I’m really looking forward to hear from you,
    br Pia

  3. jennymackness permalink

    Hello Brainsmurf – just a quick note to thank you for the comments on my blog and to apologise for the lack of response. I have been out of the country with little access to the internet. Just back and trying to catch up. Hope to be up to speed by next week 🙂 Jenny

    • No apology necessary, Jenny! Welcome back from your travels and I’ll look fwd to catching up with you in the blogosphere again soon. 🙂 Happy 2012!

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