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The introvert’s fatigue and the question I despise

August 23, 2013

Ah, the question that tires me most: “what’s new?”


That question is an immediate red flag, warning me of an extrovert who wants to make small talk and hasn’t remembered enough of my details to ask me a better question.  The person seems to forget how literally I take things.  I panic for a few seconds as my mental gears grind through which items to report as ‘new’ since the last time I saw my enquirer.  After all, I like to be precise and accurate, linear and focused.  I’m also a horrible story-teller in person so that doesn’t help things.

Therefore, the balance of this post isn’t just ‘what’s new’.  Ask me what I’ve read today, what I found compelling, relevant, relatable and interesting. 

The answer contains three good reads on self-identifying as introverts, what makes us tired, and what makes us feel good when we are understood by those who love us, work with us and spend time with us. 

Introvert is me

Six things you thought wrong about introverts

Caring for your introvert

Enjoy and please share your reflections, if you wish. 🙂


From → Smarter worker

  1. Thanks for the share, my friend and fellow innie 🙂

  2. Hi Brainysmurf – I happened to read a few days ago and immediately thought of you – now here you are blogging on the same topic!

    It took me years to understand that questions like “How are you?” or “What’s new” can mean little more than “Hello!” – so just about any response is acceptable. In my career as an academic (I’m retired now) I never really mastered F to F interaction in large groups but solid preparation for lectures, talks at conferences etc – and learning to act a bit did help. Nowadays, I find online interaction empowering. I’ve even managed to change the opinions of other participants on MOOCs and in an online committee I’m on! Unlike F to F, the opportunity is there to think things through in advance and not spout the first thing that comes into your head which in my case is usually nonsense. Gordon.

    • Thanks, Gordon, I suppose I’m better off adjusting my expectations of ‘What’s new?’ as a simple greeting rather than expecting those who use that question to change their habits. I totally agree that online, asynchronous communication, is so helpful for composing my thoughts and (hopefully) being more articulate in writing than I am in person. Keep well, great to ‘see’ you here again. 🙂

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