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Games worth paying for

February 1, 2013

I’m an amateur gamer from way back in the days of Atari, pong and Duck Hunter.  I’m not the biggest app fanatic, though.  I think I’ve bought two dozen at most over the past two years?  Among them are a handful of games (some socially connected) that offer a combination of gorgeous, high-def graphics, simple and compelling challenges that keep me up past my bedtime, a sweet spot between struggle and success and user interfaces so straight forward that instructions aren’t necessary.

Here are my favourite finds, for Fridays or for any idle time in the week (as of July 26, 2013):

  1. Candy Crush Saga – like Bejeweled but more strategic than time-pressured.  Gorgeous colours, simple premise, fun for the whole family (free).  Good thing my socially-networked friends are able to supply me with more lives!
  2. Scrabble HD – the paid version, played with a handful of friends.
  3. Bejeweled – particularly the Blitz, Lightning and Diamond Mine flavours.  On Blitz, the best value for coins is 2x multiplier gem and the Phoenix.
  4. Vacation Quest – The Hawaiian Islands  – did anyone else grew up loving the Hidden Pictures in Highlights magazines?  All that and more in glossy colour.

These two are great games and were favourites in the winter but I grew more enchanted with the other four above over time:

  1. Song Pop – ridiculous how many songs of the 80s and 90s come back to me in two seconds or less.  Somehow, I won a challenge on Professional Wrestling themes one night ?!
  2. Draw Something – I have a streak of over 200 correctly-guessed drawings going with someone in another country whom I’ve never met in person.

What are your favourite games and why?

Side note: this post was originally written in week 16 of my Friday’s Favourite Finds practice and I was finding that the weekly commitment was becoming more of a chore than a joy.  From now on, I’m just going to issue an F3 when it makes sense to do so.

Something tells me that Gretchen Rubin would get this. 🙂

My change of practice is directly proprotional to how little time I’ve been spending with external resources over the past few months.  My work has become very internally focused, and for good reasons, but that doesn’t give me much to share externally.  

That being said, I am now taking part in a workshop on social learning in business throughout March 2013 that is bringing me more insights and inspiration than I’ve had in the last little while.  Hope to ‘see’ you there!

“Work for change or change your work” – Stephen Clarke

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