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F3.14 Friday’s Favourite Finds

January 18, 2013

Last week, a colleague and I recorded an informal webconference in which I demonstrated the actions that I take to keep my inbox clean on a daily basis.  It was quite enlightening for me to articulate those practices and to have my colleague point out other aspects of my behaviour that I had taken for granted, such as keeping nearly 20 tiny icons visible on my dashboard at all times for quick access. 

This week, I stumbled across a similar narration by Dan Pontefract, in which he described his process for culling one third of his Facebook contacts.  His post reminded me that it’s not enough to articulate the knowing-what (“I want to get my contacts down to a manageable number”) or to describe the knowing-how mechanics (“click here, click there”).  In my opinion, the value of Dan’s post comes from his ability to articulate the knowing-why and knowing-why-not, which are two of the many ways of knowing that Jay Cross has spoken of in the past.  I’m glad Dan made time to make his processes concrete for us. 

Dan also gave a nice summary of how he uses Twitter to express what he’s ‘professionally passionate about’.  I use Twitter in a similar professional manner, not a personal one. I strongly prefer face-to-face, telephone, email or FB interaction for that.

My last favourite find this week was the stunning long-exposure photography of Lincoln Harrison, who integrates technical expertise with considerable patience.  What a lovely outcome!  Hat tip to Guy Kawasaki for highlighting this.

 What has inspired you this week?

“Work for change or change your work” – Stephen Clarke Blue morpho on green

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