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F3.11 Friday’s Favourite Finds

December 20, 2012

After a year and a half of dabbling with various platforms for networked knowledge sharing, I have concluded that LinkedIn and Working Smarter Daily are my two favourite sources of social learning and inspiration.  Through these channels, I am linked to a network of intelligent learning professionals, fellow public servants and world-class authors with relevant and thought-provoking insights, which they share at a pace that is manageable for me to browse regularly and pursue more deeply as I wish.

Here are this week’s gems:

  1. Google Analytics in real life is a series of short, funny videos about poor web design.  Hat tip to Mike Kujawski for sharing such a relatable link.
  2. Did you know that mothers incarcerated in Argentina are allowed to have their children live with them behind bars until the age of four?  Thanks to Guy Kawasaki for sharing something so far out of my usual realm.
  3. I work really hard at not being a compulsive social media checker so this infographic about our brains on social media feels very validating (thanks again, Guy).  I wonder if this explains why I still see so many idiot drivers whose addiction to checking their smartphones is more important to them than my safety?
  4. Facebook can be clogged with political and personal opinions that I don’t ‘like’ but this cartoon had me laughing out loud.
  5. I wish hospitals, bus terminals, train stations and stores would offer emotionally intelligent bubble wrap.  Maybe I should just carry some around in my bag?

Though I have learned how to decode the shorthand we use in tweets, I find Twitter too much of a waterfall when I just want a drinking fountain from the limited number of folks I follow.  I only use it to share my blog posts more widely and for the occasional #lrnchat.  I also don’t subscribe to updates from blogs.  I’d rather look them up periodically or discover them serendipitously in LI or WSD. 

As the year draws to a close, these are my big takeaways from integrated learning and working, thanks to your contributions and the many books I’ve enjoyed:

  1. Make the effort to keep things as simple as possible.  It’s much easier and lazier to drone on, which is more confusing and boring to others.
  2. Keep an eye on the design…of everything.
  3. “if we all share, then we’re all teachers” – @hjarche #slcwebinar

To all who celebrate the Christmas season and other holidays at this time of year, I wish you a wonderful, festive time with your loved ones, two-legged and four.  Thanks for making time for reading and sharing.

I will not be publishing F3 again until January.  See you online in the new year!

“Work for change or change your work” – Stephen Clarke

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