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F3.7 Friday’s Favourite Finds

November 23, 2012

A fruitful week for my seventh F3!  Enjoy and feel free to share widely.

  1. Clark Quinn modeling the ability to ‘think out loud’ as he refines the model of a coherent organization
  2. Speed of Trust™ Video –  2.5 minutes from Stephen M. R. Covey on trust as a key variable in ‘white water’ times.  This was a good reminder of his webinars I’ve seen over the past couple of years so I was happy to work the trust element into a presentation to senior management next month on becoming a networked learning organization.
  3. An employee from another part of the building waltzes into my unit the other day and says “You should have some Christmas carols going in here or something.  It’s so quiet!”  She seems to think that quiet is a bad thing that needs to be corrected when, actually, it’s quite the opposite.  We’re all introverts in this section and we don’t need or appreciate background noise or disruptions.  Please fulfill your need for interaction and stimulation elsewhere.  Forced socialization does not make me happier!   
  4. Digital photography is one of my hobbies and I admittedly have a hard time managing all of the photos, even after I’ve culled and edited them.  What a neat idea to make them more accessible and inviting to others.  
  5. So many good bits here from Harold Jarche, stitching together workscapes and transformation.
  6. A new role for designers: push back on SMEs to explain how they make decisions.  Thanks, Clark Quinn!
 “Work for change or change your work” – Stephen Clarke

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