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F3.5 Friday’s Favourite Finds

November 7, 2012

This week’s summary is a little early.  Enjoy!

  1. Nilofer Merchant, author of “The New Work” humbly reflects on her less-than-perfect TED talk, with obvious links to the work of Brené Brown on vulnerability.
  2. Innovation labs as valuable ways to manage complexity and cross-functional design and thinking  (thanks, Joe!)
  3. Jane Hart’s pick of the month for October 2012 is a great refresher for me.  The 20 min. YouTube video at the end contains these gems:
    1.  “Learning prepares you to cope with the surprises.  Education prepares you to cope with certainty.  There is no certainty.” Stephen Heppell
    2. “Learners who find the answers for themselves retain it better than if they’re told the answer.”  Sugata Mitra, Slumdog Professor
  4. I often make time to sit ‘in the weeds’ and I have no regrets or shame about it.  If this idea is completely foreign to you, I hope you’ll consider exploring it further.
  5. To my great surprise, my employer has finally allowed us access to Facebook.  Not surprisingly, I heard about this through my personal learning network, not a formal announcement.
  6. Mike Kujawski on how he learns and keeps up to date offers this gem: “This is actually a big initial hurdle for people that used to feel up to date by watching the 6 O’clock news and now feel overwhelmed because there are too many sources of potential information. As a result they give up on being informed altogether.”

What are your favourite finds this week?  What hurdles of resistance have you been jumping over lately?

“Work for change or change your work” – Stephen Clarke

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