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F3.3 Friday’s Favourite Finds

October 27, 2012

Two gems for this week: feel free to share with others who are outside of #oped12 and #cfhe12 as you wish.

  1. What’s working and what’s not in online training (Harold Jarche) – ‘knowledge artisans’ seek and share information in ‘guilds’.  I had previously enjoyed the term ‘knowmad’ and am adopting knowledge artisan now.
  2. Enterprise learners vs. entrepreneurial learners  (Jane Hart) – do you want to be on a steamship or a kayak?


“Work for change or change your work” – Stephen Clarke


In case you were wondering about this image, I think of it as leaping over mindset hurdles in my workplace such as risk-taking, openness and sharing.  I feel a growing sense of urgency to see others take these leaps.  F3 is just one way of showing how easy it is.  What mindset hurdles do you observe in your workplace?

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