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F3.1 Friday’s Favourite Finds

October 12, 2012

Today, I’m celebrating my 50th blog post with a new weekly habit.  Feel free to share with others who are outside of #oped12 and #cfhe12 as you wish.

F3.1 – Friday’s Favourite Finds

  1. On my Kindle: Daring Greatly by Brené Brown, expert on vulnerability and shame resilience.
  2. The Busy Trap – an eye-opener about chronic busy-ness with a great reference to Richard Scarry.
  3. What does learning look like? by Jane Bozarth – click on the Pinterest link too!

My inspiration for this new habit is a decade-old coaching practice that I’d forgotten about.  We called it C3: Coaching for Culture Change.  I was a fairly new public servant at the time and I had formed a coaching circle with two senior managers.  For several months, we took an hour to ourselves on Fridays to reflect on the week’s issues and share viewpoints.  It was ground-breaking stuff and I miss it. 

I am also inspired by Harold Jarche’s Friday Finds, by a former colleague who would send humourous and/or uplifting messages to our virtual team every Friday and by the two courageous learners who helped me find the two articles above.


“Work for change or change your work” – Stephen Clarke

  1. Congratulations on your 50th post! Go Brainy! Good to hear from you today 🙂

    • brainysmurf1234 permalink

      Thanks so much! I’m inclined to make this a weekly thing. 🙂

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