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Celebrate learning!

March 1, 2012

Nancy White drew this picture for us at the end of Dr. Geetha Nranyan’s presentation in #change11 last week.  Nancy captured perfectly the joy I feel in live, participatory learning through moocs.  I hope she doesn’t mind that I snagged her picture and shared it here.

I am writing this little post to thank the moderators, presenters and fellow moocers in #change11, #cck12 and #ds106.  You help me celebrate learning everyday through your openness to sharing, your challenging of the status quo, your choices to make time for learning out loud and your willingness to risk.  Like George Siemens, I’m enjoying the best learning of my life.



From → Smarter worker

  1. Tereza permalink

    yes, I like too!

  2. BrainySmurf, today I come back to your blog and I find a treasure trove of thoughtful insights.

    Have I told you lately how glad I am that you are blogging?

    Since the new year I’ve slid a bit on blogging about Change11 but I’ve been watching the recordings, reading the posts, ruminating to myself about all the connections and ideas these thoughts ignite.

    I agree, this has been great learning for me too. My goal is to be more transparent about that learning, especially when people are relying on numbers to determine whether they are making an impact. So, in the small window of time, I celebrate learning with you Brainy, in the comments section of your wonderful blog.

    Thank you!

    • The lovely Giulia returns! Thank you for making time for reading and replying. I knew you were out there in the webosphere, perhaps drawing something wonderful. Thought of you right away when Nancy did hers on the whiteboard. 🙂 Keep well and keep rocking’ the pink jello (nod to Beautiful South).

  3. I’m smiling…

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