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From clockwatcher to knowmad

February 3, 2012

Something wonderful and unexpected has happened this afternoon.  I have started working from home, on a full-time basis, and will be doing so for the next eight weeks.  I am blessed with a trusting manager who gets that my work is already 100% virtual and could be done from a laptop or desktop, in a cafe or cubicle, in work clothes or pyjamas.  I don’t know how many of my followers or fellow moocers in #ds106, #change11 and #cck12 are this fortunate so I’m going to enjoy the heck out of this on everyone’s behalf.

Earlier today, I drove home from the office with my lucky bamboo perched precariously in the drink holder.  It’s found a new home on the kitchen counter.  Now there’s just me and this computer.

The expectation from my manger is simple and high: show results.  It’s funny how little that seemed to be the case in other reporting relationships where my bosses were more concerned with monitoring how long someone was on lunch break.  I know an executive (rest in peace) who was famous for playing Solitaire all day and still received bonus pay on the taxpayer’s dime.  I know others who spend their 7.5 hours of bum-in-seat time surfing real-estate ads, e-trading and making personal calls, disrupting those of us who are actually trying to work.  Why their superiors don’t pay enough attention, or simply turn a blind eye, I’m not sure, but it’s deeply demoralizing.  Isn’t it sad that there aren’t enough managers with the skills, determination or support required to cut the weaklings from the chain and get on with the real business of performing?

Wish me luck and share your clockwatcher stories here, if you wish!


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