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Crayons, Control Freaks and Creativity

January 13, 2012

Well, I’m really stretching my atrophied creative muscles this week by signing up for the #ds106 digital storytelling mooc. I figure it will be a great compliment to what I am learning from the #change11 crowd, some of whom are/were in ds106 as well.  Yesterday’s Daily Create assignment was so procative, hilarious and heart-breaking. The new angles at which people interpret those assignments is fascinating! 

Within minutes of signing up, I found a like-minded person who is Taking the plunge with the rest of us.  Brave souls, we are, mucking around in territory where we wouldn’t normally think we belong.  And that seems to be the nature of all this connective, moocy, social media stuff: mucking around, testing the waters, trying on new outfits for our digital identities.  My latest, greatest new ‘toy’ is hootsuite – what a cool way to view multiple social media streams (even at work – hoo hoo!)

Lest we forget where we come from, The Crayon Fascist had me laughing out loud at my control-freak roots – see the comments for more laughs and camaraderie.  I hope she writes about kitchen nazis, too.

I’ve traded crayons for gel pens, markers and highlighters now, but I still like to have colours at my fingertips.  I still love shopping for ‘school’ supplies, even two decades after my last first day of school.  And don’t even *think* about touching my scissors or my ruler without asking…

What are your thoughts on creativity, control and crayons?  Are you pushing your boundaries in #change11, #ds106 and elsewhere?


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