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Looking backwards, moving forward

January 5, 2012

Hello, blogosphere, I’m glad to be back after indulging in a delightful retreat of holiday fun with family and friends.  The flip of the calendar has brought me new insights about patience, persistence and how I pursue my learning.   

Looking in the rear-view mirror, I see about 50 items in my email reading pile to sift through.  I am volume-allergic right now but I persist and find a gem of a post by fellow moocer leahgrrl about the power of inefficient, messy learning.  In the words of my best friend last month, “It’s a challenge.  Don’t give up so easy, little one.”  I also find this rich dialogue sparked by jennymackness on the tyranny of sharing.  I feel like I ‘know’ leah and jenny a bit from their presence on the live sessions of #change11 and #cck11.  This brings me comfort amid other noise and distractions.

I flip through a dozen issues of The Daily newsletter and click on a few favourite bloggers’ posts.  I reflect and add comments, particularly on the sites of lurkers who have emerged as visible in this course.  I am back in the groove, lighting candles and seeing what burns. 

I also take a minute to think back on the hypocrites I met last year who call themselves learning professionals and yet they are afraid to risk, to embrace change, to learn about technology and how it can shape our work.  I will try my best not to spend much time on them.  I will water the flowers, not the weeds.

On the road ahead, I see a new short-term work assignment starting next week that will expose me to a huge network of colleagues and will test what I ‘know’ about learning in new ways.  I am so jazzed about connecting the dots between #change11 and whatever this new assignment will hold for me.  I see more blogging in my future, perhaps some fresh opportunities to use other platforms for connecting and collaborating and crowd-sourcing ideas.

So, #change11, what’s in your rear-view mirror at the moment?  And what is on the road ahead for you?


From → Smarter worker

  1. Some are definitely hypocrites, and some have never been empowered to change (due to bad education!). I’ve seen my share of people who refuse to change, despite evidence to the contrary. Sometimes all you can do is try to help such people change 🙂

    • Thanks, AK, sometimes I am in a helping mood like that but, more and more lately, I just turn away and find somewhere else to spend my energy. The more I play around in moocs (just signed up for DS106), the more I find like-minded people willing to change, grow, risk and learn. I find myself way less tolerant of the resistors these days. 🙂

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