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Bringing the screwdrivers to the elephant party

November 24, 2011

Jon Dron rocked it in the #change11 live session today.  The backchannel was lively without being frenetic and the whiteboarding was fun, as always.

I came away from the session with a fond memory of my Grade 7 drama teacher, who would have us all sit in a circle and pass one object around while each of us silently improvised an alternate purpose.  A hat could be a bucket.  A shoe could be a loaf of bread.  A ruler or stick could be a flute (or something else in the hands of pre-adolescent boys, apparently).

Jon helped us to reveal that a screwdriver can be many things, a weapon, a tool to construct or deconstruct.  I suggested it was an elephant poker.  There are lots of elephants in learning that need poking and I love how many we get to tackle in this mooc.

I’m also hoping that one or more folks will bring their artistic talents to the stage and help us to develop a technelephant (see my comment).  I’m looking forward to more on Friday.


From → Smarter worker

One Comment
  1. It is true that a screwdriver could be anything, infact, it could be e very deadly weapon that is why I’m not very confident in carrying it always with me. Anyway, I’m not sure I will enjoy poking an elephant with it, I might get run over by them.haha

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