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I never get tired of learning in a network

November 18, 2011







I’m back in the webosphere after four days of choosing not to be available online (during which I admittedly had minor cravings for FB and WP, was wondering how this week’s synchronous session went and spent some time in an Apple store checking out the iPhone 4S).  Tired from travel, tired from being ‘on’ in the room, tired of being away from home.  Never too tired to learn something new from my network.

As much as it pained me, I trashed seven unread issues of The Daily from #change11 this morning because I couldn’t make time to go through them with the care that I usually do.  Instead, I sorted the rest of my email ‘reading’ folder by sender and clicked on the oldest unread item from a valued colleague that was eye-catchingly titled The Social Organization.

This was enough of a teaser to have me Google Gartner’s Six F model, which led me to these two gems from Anthony Bradley:

Social media success is about purpose not technology

Social media versus knowledge management

As Bradley wrote, “Creating mass collaboration involves more than building technology and telling people to participate. It necessitates a vision, a strategy and management actions…” 

I have shared Bradley’s posts internally within my organization as we embark on yet another ‘transformation agenda’ regarding learning and technology.  I wonder if they will spark a new vision?



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  1. Melanie Marttila permalink

    With regard to the internal posting … gosh darn, but I hope a new vision results … but is my hope founded in anything but my own foolish optimism?

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