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1,001 views of change, education and technology

November 14, 2011








I’m really excited to read about Erik’s timely theme in #change11 on learning in times of abundance.   When I signed in to WP to reply, I was delighted to find that I have received an abundance of views on this blog (1,001) in six and a half weeks. That may not be record-setting to most but it is a milestone for me as a new blogger and equally symbolic of the hundreds of views on learning that I’ve been exposed to in moocs thus far.  Thank you to each of you who have made time for taking a look at my posts and for making additional time to reply.

I haven’t subscribed to the ‘always on’ concept and will be out of the webosphere for a few days.  Looking forward to catching up when I return.


From → Smarter worker

  1. It is amazing that the MOOC and #change11 tags can create these little connections. Evidence is in the hits on your blog. Mine went up a lot the week I was facilitating. While visible participation of the thousands registered is low, I wonder how many people follow links, wandering around cyberspace thinking of the topics of that week?

    • Thanks, Nancy, I really like that image of people ‘wandering around cyberspace thinking of the topics of that week’. I know that I wander around in the physical world thinking of them too. Cheers!

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