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Learning that doesn’t suck

November 9, 2011









On my drive home tonight, I saw an ad for a radio station that said “”turn up the rock…turn down the suck”.  What a perfect way to describe Dave Cormier’s live session during #change11 today.  Dave continued Nancy’s example from last week and cranked up the rock factor of his presentation with full-picture slides and numerous opportunities to grab keyboard and digital pen and jump in on the whiteboard or backchannel.  To me, this is learning at its finest:

  • participatory
  • always on
  • jump in and ‘be’, even ‘become’
  • many experts, many viewpoints
  • nomads, wanderers and #socialartist (s)

By stark contrast, I spent five days in classroom training two weeks ago.  The facilitators were very knowledgeable and encouraged participation to some degree but the format was quite traditional: one voice at a time (either facilitator or participant), flip charts and markers, small groups reporting back to plenary, no mobile devices, no tweeting or backchannel.  This form of delivery was SO slow that I had to rely on the pipe cleaners and mandalas at the table to keep my hands busy and my mind occupied.

I was starving for interaction even though the topic of this training was participant-centred learning.  I felt mentally handcuffed by the design, a soldier with a nomad’s heart.  The funny thing is, two years ago I would never have known the difference. Once you have seen a mooc, lived a mooc, and embraced rhizomatic learning, it’s devastating to go backwards. Quite frankly, it makes everything else suck.


From → Smarter worker

  1. 5am down here, and more by insomnic chance than planning, I too was loving the live slide learning show. A Really Good, but still tad Weird, was felt.

    Why? Not sure still, but flow, social, humour, deeper thoughts and level playing field sure contributed. It felt community.

    I won’t say it was “Dave’s show” because he was just another node. = GREAT. First time I’ve ever felt that. Now I want more.

    Although I chose to follow, not jump in, now nomads and rhizomes mean more, I can reflect and post thoughts.

    Can’t believe when SD called 5 minutes. It shoulda coulda gone another 60minutes, easy.

    • I felt the same when SD called 5 mins. I looked at my computer clock in disbelief. Glad you could join us in your time zone and be part of the social flow. Thanks for making time to comment here too. Cheers!

  2. You gave me a great early morning smile!

  3. Melanie Marttila permalink

    Though not participating in the Mooc, I am nonetheless following your journey and find myself inspired by it 🙂
    And “I hear ya” about that course. I’m still a do-bee, and a keener, but I do crave something more. *sigh*

    • Thanks for getting it, Melanie. I love the expression ‘do-bee’, reminds me fondly of Romper Room days and how elated I was to get a postcard from the show once. 🙂

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