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Back in the day

October 22, 2011









My response to Cammy Bean’s My life…in elearning

  • About 20 years ago, I was writing assignments in Word Perfect and printing them on a dot matrix printer. F7 to save and F10 to print, wasn’t it? The first shared terminal I saw for email or similar was in a dorm lobby next to a wall of mailboxes.
  • About 15 years ago, I was sending email home from distant locations whenever I could get to an internet cafe.  It cost me an hourly fortune.  I doubt if I’d searched anything on Google then.
  • About 10 years ago, we were just making the transition to Outlook at work.  Some e-learning was on CDs.  Most was classroom. I don’t think I had a cell phone yet.
  • About 5 years ago, I was connecting with people in my virtual network by teleconference and the occasional videoconference.  I had never heard of a mooc or read a blog.
  • Today, I connect with and expand my network through web conferencing, Skype, FaceBook, Twitter, SharePoint, moocs, aggregate newsletters and my blog.  We still have separate cell phones, iTouches and digital cameras in my home and we enjoy Apple TV.  My preschooler nephew can run an iPad.  So can my 75 year-old uncle.
So, #change11, what’s your story?

From → Smarter worker

  1. Will write my story in my blog, but I like your picture….covered bridge, where was it taken?

    • Thanks, Irene, that’s in Wakefield, Quebec. They did a lot of work (early 90s?) to replace the original that burned down. I thought the symmetry of the interior was pretty impressive. 🙂

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