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A recipe for social learning paste

October 4, 2011

When I was in kindergarten, we would stick all of our paper creations together with paste.  The teacher (or volunteer parent) mixed the dry powder with tap water and served it to our tables in little red and white striped wax cups.  Some days, the paste was too dry and our creations would fall apart when they got home.  Some days, the paste was too runny so the coloured paper would bleed all over our school bags.  Other days, the paste ended up in the mouth of that one kid that no one wanted to sit with.  You know the type. 

A few decades later, I find myself pondering this #collectivelearning question from #change11:

What do you think is the ‘binding force’ that connects people while they are learning in groups, networks and collectives?

In my experience, the paste for social learning is pretty simple to make.  It just takes a few more ingredients to get the right consistency that keeps everything stuck together:

→    1 or more questions or problems to solve

→    1 or more networks of ‘go to’ people

→    1 dose of initiative

→    1 helping of recognition that learning is work and work is learning

→    1 part courage

→    1 or more methods to distribute knowledge

→    1 or more tools to curate and organize knowledge

→    a good helping of trust

→    many sources of validation from the comments and suggestions of others

→    2 parts risk (one to risk trying and one to risk sharing)

→    2 parts effort (one to get started and one to keep going)

Blend all of the above ingredients.  Share widely.


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